venerdì 14 giugno 2013


I saw him when he stepped through the front doors.  Dress in black, short hair, dark brown and eyes, a cigaret between his fingers.
My beloved victim .
I saw him smiled, he loved this hotel, old , beautiful , classical.
And , I adored him, going to feed on him soon, my darling.
I had been stalking him for so many months , taking my time, enjoying him, tormenting me, delaying my hunger for his blood.
There was something so erotic, so seductive in following my prey.
I wanted to drink his blood , feel the ecstasy , the soul , his throbbing heart.
The smell of his blood turned me into a erotic predator , the sight of his neck , the pulsating vein , was overwhelming , sending me into frenzy of desires.
I went swiftly towards him, took him in my arms. He could not resist , a beauty like myself . 
A lover embrace , yet his heart was pounding against his chest, he was alarmed , and then for the first and last time , a shocking revelation overwhelmed him ... " she is not human !"

text micaela alexandra USA
drawing maurizio barraco ITALIA

venerdì 7 giugno 2013

il ragazzo di venezia

Black wind of passion ( series )

il ragazzo di Venezia 

My lover told me ...

 " Come to me , my beloved ,
I beg on my knees 
Stand naked before you 
Come to me , my passion
My desire , my torture, come to me ! "

My lover told me ...

 "Touch me,  breath me,  drink me !"...

And I went to him !
Not like a thief in the night.
But like a fury !
To devour him !
To taste him !
To drink him !

My lover begged ...

 "Torture me ! "

... louder and louder our moans filled the  midnight air.
... louder and louder our murderous desires filled the midnight sky.

His touches burned my skin
His lips caressed my whispers
His hair brushed my eyes

But his touch 
His touch , his touch ...oh!
Was fire 
It entered every soul of mine
It entered every heart of mine

His touch , his touch 
Was desire
Thus the world conspire 
To be a wild wildfire  !

Yet you only touched me once
In an embrace 
And  left my life
And never my soul 

My beloved!

text by micaela alexandra 
drawing of maurizio barraco

martedì 4 giugno 2013

cares me

As I close my eyes, 
I can hear my heart ...
I can hear my breath ...
I can feel my shiver in the night.

" ... Kiss, ... in you ... "

This soft whisper ...
Had awakened ,
My senses ...
My soul ...
My desires ...

" ... Kiss, ... in you ..."

Soft whisper ,
Sweet embrace ,
Light as the wind ,
Rain of love ,

Cares me ...

text        micaela alexandra
drawing maurizio barraco