venerdì 14 giugno 2013


I saw him when he stepped through the front doors.  Dress in black, short hair, dark brown and eyes, a cigaret between his fingers.
My beloved victim .
I saw him smiled, he loved this hotel, old , beautiful , classical.
And , I adored him, going to feed on him soon, my darling.
I had been stalking him for so many months , taking my time, enjoying him, tormenting me, delaying my hunger for his blood.
There was something so erotic, so seductive in following my prey.
I wanted to drink his blood , feel the ecstasy , the soul , his throbbing heart.
The smell of his blood turned me into a erotic predator , the sight of his neck , the pulsating vein , was overwhelming , sending me into frenzy of desires.
I went swiftly towards him, took him in my arms. He could not resist , a beauty like myself . 
A lover embrace , yet his heart was pounding against his chest, he was alarmed , and then for the first and last time , a shocking revelation overwhelmed him ... " she is not human !"

text micaela alexandra USA
drawing maurizio barraco ITALIA